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Amber Sporting Goods Space Saver VKR Workout Tower Review

Judging by just the name itself, the Amber VKR Workout Tower is arguably one of the most compact power towers out right now, without sacrificing stability, function and durability.  It boasts comfort via the top quality foam installed for the vertical knee raise station. This helps you perform your best during the workout.

It’s space saving design with a small footprint is its biggest strength, allowing you to place the machine perfectly against the wall. Plus, the reinforced pull-up bars and epoxy powder coat finish on the back rest ensures you of the longevity of this tower.

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Amber Space Saver VKR Workout Tower Reviews

Many people who have used the Amber VKR Workout Tower have given mostly positive reviews about it. These reviewers are varied from home gym to commercial gym owners. They say that the assembly for this product is simple, and it all depends on your knack to work on such.

On an average, the tower takes an hour or two to fully assemble from the box to your preferred workout location. Of course, they also took note of the size, which, they say, was truly space saving. This is due to the small footprint that makes it ideal to use at the comfort of your own home or apartment.

The Amber Space Saver VKR Workout Tower allows you to perform several exercises in just one, versatile machine. These exercises include wide grip & close grip pull-ups, vertical knee raises, push-ups, dips, among others. Most of these exercises use your own body weight as resistance, putting your muscles to the test. This piece of equipment is designed to give you more strength and empower your core.

However, the reviewers also noted a few flaws with this workout tower. One of them said that the dip bars were quite a problem at first because they feel quite constricted and you might hit the pull up bar on the way up. On the other hand, when you finally get used to the form of the dips, then this would no longer be a problem. Some said that the tower also wobbles during a few exercises, especially when you position yourself properly – but when you get into the exercise itself, this is no longer an issue. These are very small complaints for a useful, affordable and very versatile piece of equipment. Clearly, the pros overshadow the cons in this one.

With stability, versatility, usefulness and its space-saving features, the Amber Space Saver VKR Workout Tower is truly a steal in its price. This is an essential addition to any home or commercial gym.

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